About Veekas Studio

The core strength of the organization is architectural and interior design.

In August 2015, the principal architects, Vikas and Kalpak decided to call the architectural practice VEEKAS.

VEEKAS- Means Expanding, Progress and Development in Sanskrit.
VEE – Read as ‘V’ or ‘VEE’ stands for ‘Vikas’ and also reads as We – The Team
K- Kalpak
A – Architectural
S – Studio

With a diverse portfolio of projects like residential developments, retail and office buildings, school and college campuses, institutional architecture, hospitals, industrial projects, hospitality and recreational projects, residences and farmhouses, they continue their quest for providing innovative and creative solutions that influence the way these spaces are experienced and influence the users..

The core strength of the organization is architectural and interior design. The design, development and detailing of each environmentally conscious project including providing cost effective solutions to a diverse set of issues and projects is handled, critically co-ordinated and assessed by a core team of professionals including the principal architects

The firm has to its credit a number of prestigious projects and the first residential developments in Pune for companies like Tata Housing, Bajaj Housing, New India Industries Pvt Ltd. to name a few.

The firm has designed a large number of projects predominantly in Pune and is also designing projects in Bhopal, Bhuj, Palitana, Ahmedabad, Ahmednagar, Nagpur and Noida at the moment.

Till date the firm has designed residential projects to the tune of @ 10 million square feet. The firm has designed over 100 bungalows and farmhouses. The client list includes some prominent personalities & industrialist from Pune.


Vikas Shantilal Bhandari

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Kalpak Vikas Bhandari

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