About Kalpak Bhandari

Kalpak Vikas Bhandari

Kalpak Vikas Bhandari

Ar. Kalpak Bhandari joined the practice after graduation in 1998. After working for 11 years he went on to study further at The Bartlett School of Architecture, University College London, 2009-2010.

Bachelor of Architecture 1998
Studied Masters in Architectural Design ‘AVATAR’
The Bartlett School of Architecture,
University College London Year 2009-2010

Executive Member:
Architects Engineers and Surveyors Association, Pune.

Kalpak Bhandari travels extensively to see architecture and visits trade fairs regularly to keep himself updated with the new trends, developments and related technologies. Along with Architecture he has a keen interest and liking towards interior design and has to his credit a number of interior projects ranging from small to large residential interiors, office interiors, bank interiors and automobile showroom interiors.