Relaxed Space Solutions-Design Corner

Relaxed Space Solutions-Design Corner

The core strength of this organization is into offering architectural, interior design and cost effective solutions with fine detailing. Each environmentally conscious project is handled critically, co-ordinated and assessed by a strong team of professionals, including the principal architects. The firm has to its credit a number of prestigious projects and developments in Pune for companies like Tata Housing, Bajaj Housing, New India Industries Pvt Ltd to name a few.

Pachpande Residence A serene home designed by the enthusiastic team of Studio Veekas will certainly influence the users. The owners of this home dreamt of a large size residence for their family with a large garden to be used frequently for gatherings. This residence is approached from a pedestrian ramp along a water body with lotus plants and fishes. The garden can be independently accessed from the entrance ramp. The entrance wall, clad with warm coloured onyx stone welcomes the visitors and hints at the opulence that might be present in the interior. A large round glass inlay in the flooring of the entrance lobby is well lit to highlight the elaborate pattern and the rich materials used. The Lotus wall art , an aquarium and large flower vases complete the look of the entrance lobby. The large formal living room with sixteen feet height, full height motorized sheer drapes to the large openings, allow  a lot of natural light within the house thus reducing the use of artificial lighting to a large extent. A bespoke chandelier, champagne leafing to the false ceiling, customized glass doors with etching and rich wallpaper, add to the luxury and glam quotient of the living room. This home is designed in split levels to keep all spaces visually connected and also make them easily accessible from each space. The swimming pool has a triple height, which allows all the different spaces to overlook the swimming pool volume and helps in visual connectivity of the spaces. The customized ceramic Lotus mural on one wall seems to rise from the infinity edge of the pool and colourful ceramic fishes seemingly jumping from the pool, add to the interest and scale of the central volume of the pool area – The heart of the residence.

The entrance lobby, formal living room, dining, kitchen with storage and utility areas are planned at the entry level of the residence to entertain the guests. A stair from the lobby levels leads to the semi-basement level, which house the residential, office, a home-theatre, an informal party area and a gymnasium.

The entrance lobby, formal living room, dining, kitchen with storage and utility areas are planned at the entry level of the residence to entertain the guests. A stair from the lobby levels leads to the semi-basement level, which house the residential, office, a home-theatre, an informal party area and a gymnasium.

The master bedrooms are situated on the first and second level and overlook the pool. All the bedrooms have a sleeping, reading and TV zone along with walk-in wardrobe and large toilets all finished in Italian marble. Each room is furnished taking into account the end users need in terms of functionality, layout and aesthetical liking.

The family room too has a large height and has an attached terrace for amusing the guests. The terrace is finished using a combination of composite wooden finish flooring and rustic vitrified tiles. Large white planters with tall plants and a large white designer chair with a coffee table lend a soothing look to the terrace.

A cantilever sits-out to one of the master bedroom that projects over the pool is clad with mirror all around to reflect the pool water, murals and the other surroundings, thus diluting the physical existence of the sit-out. White and beige coloured natural stone are used to clad the exterior of the lower floor of the bungalow and the upper floors are finished in textured plaster with paint.

White Statuario marble flooring is used for all the day areas and beige coloured Italian marble is used in all the bedrooms and family areas for a cosy feel. Walnut and ebony veneers are used throughout the residence for the doors and door frames. The architecture and interior design of the residence is an amalgamation of the client’s requirement, liking, ambitions and our outlook, approach to design as designers and feel that the end result balances and addresses both ends well.

Office for Espree Realtors

A contemporary space is created using effective combinations of textures, materials and components in this compact office space, which grants it a rustic language. This office space is designed with an attempt to infuse elements of vitality, freshness, dynamism and surprise in the entire space. The layout of this small office is generated such that each space has exposure to the external glazing and the garden around the office. This helps in making use of natural daylight and also to achieve better visual and physical integration with the outdoors. The circulation path within the office is strategically planned and connects all zones with minimum movement within the office.

Director cabins and workspace have visual and physical outdoor extensions to the garden, thus providing relief and acting as effective break out areas.

Bright colours are used to add vibrancy to the office. The detailing, use of materials, finishes, textures and colours occur and recur in all the spaces and lend a sense of homogeneity – a guiding principle from the very outset of the planning exercise.

Know the designers
Ar.Vikas.S.Bhandari studied Architecture at the BKPS College of Architecture, Pune and further did his Extension Course in Urban Design with University College London. He started his architectural practice in 1975 after completing his education.

Ar. Kalpak joined the practice after graduating in 1998 and later went on to study at The Bartlett School of Architecture, University College London. He travels extensively across the world and keeps himself updated with the new trends, developments and related technologies.

Currently, Studio Veekas is engrossed in a large number of residential, commercial and institutional projects, predominantly in Pune and also in cities like Ahmedabad, Ahmednagar, Bhopal, Bhuj, Nagpur, Noida and Palitana. The firm has a number of awards to their credit.

Photo credits: Atul Kanetkar

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Credits: Design Matrix | March-April 2016