Gingham: A Fresh Take On A Classic Style

Gingham: A Fresh Take On A Classic Style
Discern Living

Gingham, traditionally associated with yesteryear picnics or old-school Italian restaurants, has recently experienced a revival. A sophisticated take on this charming pattern has entered the home decor sphere; it is not just reserved for ‘cottage-chic’ looks or cutesy children’s rooms anymore. An instantly recognisable print, gingham is now being used in unusual ways that can add a sense of the extraordinary to your daily decor, says Kalpak Bhandari, an architect and interior designer who is part of the Discern panel of professionals. According to him, “Gingham, a fresh take on a Classic style, is all about re-inventing, reminiscing, remembering and reliving the past in new ways.”

While it may seem like a cottage essential fabric, Gingham has made its way into chic urban spaces for 2016. With its cheerful, checkered pattern and rustic charm, it’s easy enough to incorporate the look into any part of your home. Here are seven expert tips to help you embrace this decor trend in style, this season:

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