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Professional Spotlight: Vikas And Kalpak Bhandari

Architect Vikas Bhandari and his son Kalpak Bhandari are the architects behind Veekas Studio – a design practice based out of Pune. Vikas graduated from BKPS College of Architecture, Pune, and later enrolled in the ‘Housing and Urban Development’ course at University College, London. He launched his architectural practice, Veekas Studio, in 1975. He is very active in the field of education, and as a visiting professor, lectures at several colleges in Pune. As a member of the Council of Architecture, he visits colleges across India, to assess the quality of education and improve their standards. His resolution to make the city a better place has seen him be an active participant on various development plan committees and as Director of MHADA in the past.

Bhandari graduated from MM College of Architecture, Pune following which he joined his father’s practice in 1998. After having practised architecture for 11 years, he went on to secure a Masters in Architecture, AVATAR – Advanced Virtual and Technological Architecture Research, at the Barlett School of Architecture, University College, London in 2009-2010. Kalpalk travels extensively to learn about, and personally experience architectural marvels, and visit trade fairs regularly to stay updated on new trends, developments and technologies. Along with architecture, he has a keen interest in interior design. A high altitude trek every year is a must for him.

We chatted with the father-son duo to get a better idea of how they manage to create a harmonious working environment, their favourite design projects, and the challenges and opportunities they face in their everyday work.

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